The COMPLETO service is our full maintenance service for dealing with the more serious wear-and-tear issues that come from more intense usage. It is designed for bikes that are ridden on a regular to daily basis (perhaps for work or commuting), haven’t been serviced for over six months, and/or require a more in-depth treatment to keep them running smoothly. For example, if your bike is making odd noises, if the brakes are faulty, if your pedals are unstable and/or if your gears keep sticking, then this is the service for you.

What is included in this service

1.Full brake adj  2. Full gear adj (mech are not including) 3. Wheel truing front and rea (spoke not including) 4. driver train lubrication 5. cable replacement gear and brake 6. head set re-pack (sealed bearing not including) 7. bb re-pack (sealed bearing not including) * re bar tape not including ask for price.

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