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The SUPREMO service is our most rigorous service for bikes that require extra special love and care. It is designed for riders who want every inch of their bike looking over, washed and polished. It’s an exhaustive service that targets even the tiniest imperfections. If it’s been over a year and/or you’ve ridden 1,500 miles since your last service, then we also recommend this service for you, to make sure your bike continues to perform soundly and supremely.

The SUPREMO service includes:

1. Stripping and cleaning each mech and reassembling

2. Full service of headset regressed and loose bearing replacement (sealed headset not included)

3. Front and rear wheel truing (spokes not included)

4. Re-pack hub (sealed bearing not included)

5. Full service of bottom bracket (re-grease and loose bearing replacement)

6. Brake and gear cable replacement (JAGWIRE or FIRBAMAX)

7. Complete clean and polish of the bike

* re bar tape not included - ask for price