Ready to go!

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Ready to go!

At last! After years of imagining, months of planning and weeks of painting and decorating, Eleven Bikes is opening this week.

We’re based at 155 Hornsey Road, in what must be the friendliest row of shops in Holloway.  For all of those people who’ve stuck their heads round the door in the last couple of weeks to find out what happened to the bed shop: the lovely people at Bargain Bedstores have retired. We’ve been painting, hammering and screwing to convert the inside from bed shop to cycle specialists.  The neighbours have lent us support, advice and equipment, for which we are hugely grateful. And we’ve been delighted to meet passing cyclists who have also stuck their heads round the door to welcome us.

And now: the workshop is set up, the environmentally-friendly bike washing machine is plugged in, and our website is ready to accept bookings. We’re looking forward to actually doing what we set out to do when we planned Eleven Bikes: to provide a combination of personalised friendly service and high quality, good value work, and have fun while we do it. 

We offer all sorts of repairs, to all sorts of bikes, including e-bikes and cargo bikes, and for every sort of cyclist from the knowledgeable to the newbie.  

We have a menu of standard services – 3 levels of service for ordinary bikes, plus services for e-bikes and for cargo bikes (and even e-cargo-bikes).  You can book them either online or in person, and then when you bring your bike in we can talk through with you what it actually needs.  And of course we can also do one-off repairs, like mending punctures, fixing snapped components, or whatever else has gone wrong and needs fixing.

We also sell bike accessories: tyres and inner tubes, lights, bells, locks etc.

We can’t wait to get started.