The Green Commute Initiative

The Green Commute Initiative is an ElevenBikes-supported scheme.  This means that you can get a secondhand bike/ e-bike/ cargo bike and accessories from us by getting a voucher from your employer. You save between 32% and 47% on your new bike. Repayments for the reduced bike are monthly and taken automatically from your gross salary (pre-tax and NI) by your employer.

The Green Commute Initiative is one of 3 Cycle-to-Work schemes that we support. 

1. Speak to your employer. 

Contact your manager or HR department to check if they are signed up for the Cycle-to-Work scheme. 

2. Choose your new bike and accessories. 

Come by our store to chat about what you might need! We'll give you a quote. 

3. Submit your application online via CGI's website. 

Your employer will then confirm your eligibility and approve your request. They'll receive an invoice for your chosen bike and accessories. Once they've payed, CGI will send two agreements for e-signature. 

4. CGI will email you your collection voucher. 

Once you've received your collection voucher, bring it to us to collect your bike and other products. Salary sacrifice starts in the next salary period. If needed, CGI offers a free-of-charge extended loan. 

5. Take ownership of your bike for  £1. 


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