Bike2Work Scheme

Save up to 48.25% on a new bike! Bike2Work Scheme is a free employee benefit approved by the government, designed to get more people cycling to work and living healthier lives. 

1. Speak to your employer. 

Contact your manager or HR department to check if they're signed up to the Cycle-to-Work scheme. If so, sign up via the online form on the Bike2Work website. You'll receive a unique PIN from your employer.  

2. Choose your new bike and accessories. 

Come by our store or give us a call to chat about what you might need. We'll give you a written quote. The limit is usually £1000, however some companies may allow you to go over this limit. 

3. Get your quote approved. 

Take your quote to your employer for approval and submit it to the Bike2Work Scheme. 

4. Get your voucher. 

Once your employer has paid the full amount for the quote to Bike2Work you'll receive a voucher from Bike2Work. 

5. Come back and see us. 

Come back to the store with photo ID and redeem the voucher. We'll give you your bike. It'll be paid for by monthly payments from your salary pre-tax and pre-National Insurance. 

Find out more here, or watch this short video.