The Pedelec versus the rest

The Pedelec versus the rest

Eleven Bikes does not, at present, sell electric bikes. But if we did, we’d definitely sell pedelec electric bikes; and we’d definitely sell eBikes fitted with Bosch components.

Why? The pedelec versus the rest: when does an eBike become a motor-bike
E-bike can mean different things to different people. A pedelec is the one that is closest to a normal bike.

This is for two reasons. Firstly, it really is a normal pedal bike, but with an electric motor which helps you when pedalling. And secondly, the term covers bikes with a motor that only supports you up to 25km/hour.

A pedelec can go faster than that, but only if you are a super-duper pedaller and
do it by yourself. As far as the law is concerned, a pedelec is treated the same as a normal bike: you don’t need a licence, or insurance, and you can use the same cycle paths.

If you want to pedal and use your motor to go faster than 25km/hour, you need a speedy S-Pedelec, with a more powerful motor. And if you can’t always be bothered with the pedalling, and want a throttle or twist grip on the handlebars, there are e-Bikes for that too. But these both take you into motor-bike territory as far as the law is concerned, and into a different kind of experience as far as
riding is concerned.

As a bike shop, we’re 100% committed to the true pedal-bike, which for electric bikes is the pedelec. Why Bosch? The Bosch drive unit is a mid-drive motor. That is, it is not built into the front or the rear wheel, but instead it is mounted centrally, where it can directly transmits power to the chain. Just like a non-
electric bike, this means that the propulsion is provided at the pedals rather than at the wheel, giving a more natural riding sensation. It is also relatively light, provides balanced weight distribution, uses less energy, and enables the motor to operate more efficiently at a wider range of speeds.

Actually, it’s more than just a motor. It includes three sensors that measure your pedal power, your speed and your pedal revolutions per minute (your cadence). The drive unit samples these more than 1000 times per second, and adapts accordingly. Bosch reckons that this gives you a unique, natural-feeling ride.

We can’t comment on the uniqueness, but it is certainly great quality.
There are other bits of Bosch kit, too, that can be used to get a top-notch e-Bike.
Thinking about the environment? OK, it’s true that the most environmentally friendly way to cycle is muscle-power alone. But an electric bike is still a better option than driving. And Bosch batteries aim for efficiency and long life,  to make the most of the precious content. They are relatively lightweight, which helps.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means that you can get the combination of charge time, power, mileage and cost that best suits you. Servicing e-Bikes We might not sell e-bikes, but we’re fully qualified to service bikes fitted with Bosch eBike systems. We also work with Shimano eBike components. The satisfying thing about these manufacturers is their reliability and robustness – not only is this good for owners, but it makes the bikes a pleasure to work with, for the mechanic. Do come in if you need any repairs or services.